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Russian Imperial Barrel-Aged Christmas Stout

One of our recurring specials is the Russian Imperial Barrel Aged Christmas Stout. The R.I.B.A.C.S. was first brewed between Christmas and New Year's eve of 2014. Since then, we have been on a quest to source unique single cask distillate barrels to age our Russian Imperial Stout.

The release of R.I.B.A.C.S. 2017 led to the launch of the first non-barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout, which after winning the gold medal at the Dutch and Brussel's beer challenge, was promoted to the core-range.


Each year we release a range of completely different barrels which has been home to our RIS for at least 6 months. Dividing the same beer over barrels unlike any other, creates an exciting and exhilarating beverage that many look forward to all year.

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