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Wassenaar's Craft Beer

Tour our Brewery and enjoy free beer tasting.

We are a family brewer, brewing since 1896 the finest beers in the country.

No matter what your favorite brew is, we have something that will make you happy!

Enjoy your favorite beers at our beer stand at nationwide events.

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At Crooked Spider we aspire to brew tasty beers that are unlike any others. Or, as we like to call it:

Distinctly different & exciting flavours.


We brew a big range of completely different beer styles.  We installed a new bespoke brewery in 2021 which allows us to brew without concessions.
We have our tasting room (the web) at the brewery and our pop-up Beers & Bites at Langstraat 109 in Wassenaar.

We would love to meet you there over a beer!

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Celebrating? Special event? or just want to taste our beers? Come and join us in our tasting room for an evening of distinctly different exciting flavours

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Our Brewery
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Our story

Our collections

International Series

Russian Imperial Stout. Wassenaars craft beer.

Outspoken beers inspired by beers styles all over the world

Wassenaar Series

Doe mij 'n del. Blond. Met de Wassenaarse slag. Witbier. Of je Wind Lust?! Tripel. Wassenaar series. Wassenaars craft beer.

Locally inspired classical beer styles

Brewer's favourites


Extraordinary one-offs

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