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We're a small scaled brewery from Wassenaar, led by food technologist and master brewer to be Niels Beekhuizen.
We brew tasteful beers, that are just thàt bit different from the rest.
Or, as we like to call it:
Our brewery was set up in 2014 and after a long eventful journey we built a new facility in Wassenaar, to which our current 1500 litre brewery was delivered in 2021.
You are welcome to join us to hear the entire story during one of our tastings, or plan a visit to our taproom "The Web". You may even bump into Niels to ask all your important brewing questions.

Yes, we can

We are proud to be one of the first breweries in The Netherlands to package our entire range (apart from some single cask barrels) in cans.

We believe cans are the future because cans...
- are infinitely recyclable. So please recycle every can you get!
- weigh less than a bottle (about 200 grams per 33cl!) which saves CO₂ during transport.
- require less packaging material
- can be transported more efficiently, more beer fits on a pallet
- keep out oxygen and light completely
... improve the quality of your beer!
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