We brew many different beers in our brewery. Each beer is the result of the careful combination between prime ingredients, lots of passion and years of experience.
Every glass you pour contains a beer that is distinctly different from your last, and its exciting flavours will leave you wanting more.

Our beers can be organised through 3 series:

The "International series" brings inspiration from far away to our brewery. Expect bold outspoken flavours.
Closer to home, we find inspiration for our "Wassenaar series", containing classical beer styles with a twist.
In the center of the web, the spider keeps it's best prizes. Our "Brewer's favourites" accommodate the beers we only brew once. Collaboration brews, limited editions, special barrels, etc. 

Thirsty? Check out our webshop, or book a tasting! We would love to tell you more about our beers.

International Series

American Amber blik Can
American Amber 6.5%

The ideal companion if you are in pursuit of happiness


"We hold these thruths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalieable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."


"All men are equal". Fortunately that does not apply to beer. We think that our American Amber for example, is pretty special: covered by a beautiful head it is a deep red and wonderfully balanced beer, with a nice body and a fruity bitterness.
The colour is achieved by using 5 differently roasted barley malts, whilst the aroma comes from typical fruity American hops. The specialised yeast is imported from America, it helps to balance each wonderful flavour perfectly.


Alc. 6.5%


A deep red colored beer, with a pleasant body and a fruity bitterness. The five different roasted malts come into their own because of the American yeast used for this beer.

California Gold blik can
California Gold 5.5%

Gold! Gold! Gold from the American river!


That was the cry that started the California gold rush in 1848. But it wasn't long before the gold prospectors were getting thirsty for a different type of gold. Currently there are more breweries in the Golden state than in the rest of the U.S.A. It started with German Pilsner brewers who tried their luck with the gold they knew about.


In their tradition we have brewed our California Gold. Using caramel malts we achieved a golden coloured beer which thanks to its American hops, including El Dorado, and utilising Californian fermentation principles, has a full flavour and a fresh citrus and flowery aroma.


Just as the first gold diggers caught the gold fever, one glass of California Gold will have you coming back for more.

Gold 2.png

Alc. 5.5%


Using caramel malts we get a golden beer. Thanks to American hop varieties, including El Dorado, and using Californian fermentation principles, our California Gold has a full-bodied taste with a fresh citrus and floral aroma.

Russian Imperial Stout. 9.6%

It is our brewing philosophy that a good beer should be like a Matryoshka doll. You will keep finding new layers. That complexity and surprise you will especially find in our Russian stout, with bitter notes and hints of coffee and chocolate popping round with each sip.

This heavy dark beer is not only enjoyable when you can skate on the Neva, you can savour it all year round.

Would Tzar Peter still be alive he would definitely have traveled back to The Netherlands to quench his legendary thirst with this beer.

stout 2.png

Wassenaar Series


Alc. 9.6%

The Russian Imperial Stout is a complex and surprising beer, in which bitter tones and notes of coffee and chocolate subtly alternate.

Met de Wassenaarse slag blik can
Met de Wassenaarse Slag. 4.5%

Belgian Wit

A classic wheat beer, brewed with a Wassenaar beat, in memory of our beach, in the west of Wassenaar; The Wassenaarse Slag. This beer is ideal to drink with your feet in the sand, sunglasses on, or under the umbrella. A little twist on the classic recipe, we use pine tops for this beer in addition to coriander and orange peels. These remind the drinker of the pine trees in the forest of the Ganzenhoek, where the beachgoer cycles or drives on the way to the coast.


Alc. 4.5%

A unique Belgian Wit , ideal for drinking on our beach, De Wassenaarse slag on the west side of Wassenaar. 
We add coriander, orange peel and pine tops.

Doe mij 'n Del blik can
Doe mij ‘n del 6.8%


Have you always wanted to dune in a del? No, not that way!

It is a forgotten expression for sagging in a dune valley. When the wind blows away the marram grass in the dunes, a beautiful quiet spot remains in the dune. The ideal place to sink into the sand, with a view of the fens where we get our brewing water. Doe mij 'n del is a tempting blond beer from the Meijendel dune area, south of Wassenaar. This is where Dunea purifies the water we use in our brewery.

doe mijn del.png

Alc. 6.8%

Blond beer.

Doe me 'n del is a fresh, drinkable and seductive blond beer, named after the Meijendel dune area south of Wassenaar.

Of je Wind Lust?! blik can
Of je Wind Lust?! 8%


A balanced triple in which we use three different grains: barley malt, wheat and oats. This gives the beer more character, but also an improved drinkability, the oats help the beer to flow very softly through the mouth. This only entails a great danger, the drinker notices the 8% alcohol in the bottle too late. Like a blow from the windmill blade, the “Of je Wind Lust?!” sneaky look, and can cause quite a headache. The beer is inspired by windmill De Windlust, anno 1668, in the center of Wassenaar


Alc. 8%


A characteristic multigrain triple, with oats, wheat and barley malt, a Belgian yeast and Czech hops. Inspired by the flour mill Windlust in the center of Wassenaar.