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We brew many different beers in our brewery. Each beer is the result of the careful combination between prime ingredients, lots of passion and years of experience.
Every glass you pour contains a beer that is distinctly different from your last, and its exciting flavours will leave you wanting more.

We group our beers in several series:
The "International series" brings tastes from far away to our brewery. Expect bold outspoken flavours inspired by international beer styles.
Closer to home, we find inspiration for our "Wassenaar series", containing classical beer styles with a twist. We name these beers after natural reserves in Wassenaar.
In the centre of the web, the Crooked Spider keeps it's best prizes. Our "Brewer's favourites" include the rare and unique beers in which we search for thrilling new flavours. Often containing new and limited ingredients, these successful experiments might never be recreated.
Because we love brewing so much, we also release beers that fit outside these series. For example collaboration brews, special barrels (like our R.I.B.A.C.S.), that sort of thing. 

Does that make you thirsty? Check out our webshop, or book a tasting! We would love to tell you more about our beers.


International Series

International series
The international series are based on beer styles from all over the world. We recreate existing beer styles while adding our own interpretation. The beers are brewed using local brewing techniques or by addition of native ingredients. We strive to recreate exciting beer styles that challenge your taste buds.
blik 440ml mock up Crooked Spider_Lady_Liberty_01.jpg
Lady Liberty 6.5%

The ideal companion if you are in pursuit of happiness


"We hold these thruths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalieable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."


"All men are equal". Fortunately that does not apply to beer. We think that our Lady Liberty for example, is pretty special: covered by a beautiful head it is a deep red and wonderfully balanced beer, with a nice body and a fruity bitterness.
The colour is achieved by using 5 differently roasted barley malts, whilst the aroma comes from typical fruity American hops. The specialised yeast is imported from America, it helps to balance each wonderful flavour perfectly.


Alc. 6.5%


A deep red colored beer, with a pleasant body and a fruity bitterness. The five different roasted malts come into their own because of the American yeast used for this beer.

blik 440ml mock up Crooked Spider_Blonde_d_Ete 01.jpg
Blonde d'été 4.5%
The Route du Soleil is now within hands reach.

You can now stay home for the Route du Soleil. Our blonde takes you to southern France, specifically to Aramits, a small town at the bottom of the Pyrenees.
This town is the name-giver to one of the fierce musketeers, but also to the Aramis hops. 
The Blonde d'été is brewed using only this exclusive hop. Her delicate aroma has been supplemented with coriander and lemongrass, giving this blonde a fresh bouquet with a slightly peppered temperament.
The ultimate summer beer.

Blonde d'ete.png

Alc. 4.5%

The Blonde d'été is a summery blond beer, brewed with lemongrass, coriander and Frech Aramis hops. 
This sultry combination provides a fresh bouquet with a slightly peppery temperament.

California Gold blik can
California Gold 5.5%

Gold! Gold! Gold from the American river!


That was the cry that started the California gold rush in 1848. But it wasn't long before the gold prospectors were getting thirsty for a different type of gold. Currently there are more breweries in the Golden state than in the rest of the U.S.A. It started with German Pilsner brewers who tried their luck with the gold they knew about.


In their tradition we have brewed our California Gold. Using caramel malts we achieved a golden coloured beer which thanks to its American hops, including El Dorado, and utilising Californian fermentation principles, has a full flavour and a fresh citrus and flowery aroma.


Just as the first gold diggers caught the gold fever, one glass of California Gold will have you coming back for more.

Gold 2.png

Alc. 5.5%


Using caramel malts we get a golden beer. Thanks to American hop varieties, including El Dorado, and using Californian fermentation principles, our California Gold has a full-bodied taste with a fresh citrus and floral aroma.

Russian Imperial Stout blik can
Russian Imperial Stout. 9.6%

It is our brewing philosophy that a good beer should be like a Matryoshka doll. You will keep finding new layers. That complexity and surprise you will especially find in our Russian stout, with bitter notes and hints of coffee and chocolate popping round with each sip.

This heavy dark beer is not only enjoyable when you can skate on the Neva, you can savour it all year round.

Would Tzar Peter still be alive he would definitely have traveled back to The Netherlands to quench his legendary thirst with this beer.

stout 2.png

Alc. 9.6%

The Russian Imperial Stout is a complex and surprising beer, in which bitter tones and notes of coffee and chocolate subtly alternate.

Wassenaar Series

Wassenaar Series
The beers in the Wassenaar series are based on beautiful spots in Wassenaar. Places where you can find some peace and quiet to enjoy nature's treasures. For this series we use mostly our own yeast, which allows us to express each beer's and our town's unique character.
blik 440ml mock up Crooked Spider_Wassenaar Serie_Lentevreugd_Full.jpg
Bron van Lentevreugd. 4.8%

Czech Pilsner

Lucious larks, dancing calves and fluttering butterflies; these were the inspiration for the "Bron van Lentevreugd".
Named after the lively northern natural reserve, this beer is bursting with the joy of spring.  It is a tip-top Pilsner brewed with near pure water and Czech hops. 
Where tulip bulbs used to grow we now find a paradise for nature. A natural spring comes up from the dunes which gives life to many different animals.

Bron van Lentevreugd.png

Alc. 4.8%

A crisp Czech pilsner brewed with almost pure water, -

Czech hops and a unique bottom fermenting yeast.

Met de Wassenaarse slag blik can
Met de Wassenaarse Slag. 4.5%

Belgian Wit

A classic wheat beer, brewed with a Wassenaar beat, in memory of our beach, in the west of Wassenaar; The Wassenaarse Slag. This beer is ideal to drink with your feet in the sand, sunglasses on, or under the umbrella. A little twist on the classic recipe, we use pine tops for this beer in addition to coriander and orange peels. These remind the drinker of the pine trees in the forest of the Ganzenhoek, where the beachgoer cycles or drives on the way to the coast.


Alc. 4.5%

A unique Belgian Wit , ideal for drinking on our beach, De Wassenaarse slag on the west side of Wassenaar. 
We add coriander, orange peel and pine tops.

Doe mij 'n Del blik can
Doe mij ‘n del 6.8%


Have you always wanted to dune in a del? No, not that way!

It is a forgotten expression for sagging in a dune valley. When the wind blows away the marram grass in the dunes, a beautiful quiet spot remains in the dune. The ideal place to sink into the sand, with a view of the fens where we get our brewing water. Doe mij 'n del is a tempting blond beer from the Meijendel dune area, south of Wassenaar. This is where Dunea purifies the water we use in our brewery.

doe mijn del.png

Alc. 6.8%

Blond beer.

Doe me 'n del is a fresh, drinkable and seductive blond beer, named after the Meijendel dune area south of Wassenaar.

Of je Wind Lust?! blik can
Of je Wind Lust?! 8%


A balanced triple in which we use three different grains: barley malt, wheat and oats. This gives the beer more character, but also an improved drinkability, the oats help the beer to flow very softly through the mouth. This only entails a great danger, the drinker notices the 8% alcohol in the bottle too late. Like a blow from the windmill blade, the “Of je Wind Lust?!” sneaky look, and can cause quite a headache. The beer is inspired by windmill De Windlust, anno 1668, in the center of Wassenaar


Alc. 8%


A characteristic multigrain triple, with oats, wheat and barley malt, a Belgian yeast and Czech hops. Inspired by the flour mill Windlust in the centre of Wassenaar.

Brewer's favourites

Brewer's favourites
The brewer's favourites series allows us to experiment in the search for exciting new flavours. As professional beer entrepreneurs (read: we drink a lot of beer) we come across thrilling creative projects or combinations by other brewers, our suppliers or our fans. If the idea seems cool enough, we will start experimenting to (re)create these projects. We may build a beer around a specific ingredient, an almost unknown beer style or just the thought of a flavour.

Now that it has become our brewer's new favourite it is sure to spark a conversation. Who doesn't love a good discussion over a unique beer?

Next to the Brewer's favourites, we also have the Brewer's Wife's favourites. 
We named these beers after awesome female scientists. We want to stimulate women in science, like the brewer's wife, so we donate part of those beer's profits to VHTO. Check them out on
Brewer's favourite together.png
Number 03 | West coast session IPA
"Skirt Hunter"

Skirt hunter is a 4% session IPA brewed in honour of the wedding of the brewer's sister and Robert. Rob is Scottish, so was wearing a kilt at the wedding. Whatever you are into, on a wedding like that there is always a skirt to hunt after.

It was brewed with Cascade, Azzaca and the new HBC 522, a combination we purposefully chose to get lots of citrus aroma in the beer.
A very refreshing IPA, ideal on parties!
Number 02 | ~The Brewer's wifes favourite~ | Hibiscus Kettle Sour
"Dear Rosalind"

In honour of Rosalind Franklin, we brewed a fresh kettle sour using rose mallow (hibiscus). It was dry hopped with lemon drop and barbe rouge to amplify the refreshing tartness I enjoy. -x- Katie

We named this beer after an awesome female scientist. We want to stimulate women in science, like the brewer's wife, so we donate part of this beer's profits to VHTO. Check them out on
Number 01 | Double dry-hopped New England India Pale Ale. DDH NEIPA.
"Hazy bands of Light"

Brewer's favourite number one. The mark of new beginnings.
We were notified of a brand new hop coming from down-under: Eclipse.
Crikey, she sounded nice! Apparently she will go towards peachy and orange aroma.
We showcase this hop in a New England IPA, with the addition of Citra Cryo and Galaxy to intensify the aroma. The double dry-hop will make the Verdant IPA yeast take the hops and transform them into an even bolder bouquet.


One of our recurring specials is the Russian Imperial Barrel Aged Christmas Stout.The R.I.B.A.C.S. was first brewed between Christmas and New Year's eve of 2014. Since then, we have been on a quest to source unique single cask distillate barrels to age our Russian Imperial Stout. 

The release of R.I.B.A.C.S. 2017 led to the launch of the first non-barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout, which after winning the gold medal at the Dutch and Brussel's beer challenge, was promoted to the core-range.

Each year we release a range of completely different barrels which has been home to our RIS for at least 6 months. Dividing the same beer over barrels unlike any other, creates an exciting and exhilarating beverage that many look forward to all year.

Brewed back in Wassenaar in our old 250 litre kit. Challenging, but fun! We launched 5 barrels brewed in 2019, and one of the older 2018 barrels.

R.I.B.A.C.S. 2018 Blair Athol 2007. Barrel 2294
This beer was bottled along with the other 2018 barrels, but was not deemed fit for sale when we released the others. Hence, we decided to stick it back in the cellar, and age it, to see what would happen!
Thankfully it got better, After the succes we had with Ballechin in the previous year, we wanted to use the non-peaty version Edradour.
This is a really typical highland whisky with an intense aroma which is dominated by fruity estery character.
Edradour is one of the smallest distilleries of Scotland. The cask-strength whisky ended up at 60.9%, which helped the R.I.B.A.C.S. obtain 11.16% alcohol.
Ardmore '10. Barrel 800979
On our quest to find a barrel that was peaty, but not too pronounced, we ended up with Ardmore. And we love it. The mix between Highland fruitiness and slight peaty nose makes Ardmore barrels great for our R.I.B.A.C.S.
This 9 year old finish gave a final alcohol percentage of 11.78%
Bunnahabhain-Moine '11. Barrel 704498
Although Bunnahabhain is normally known for being the Islay whisky that is unpeated, the Moine versions do contain a good amount of peat. The barrel was a Hogshead, but since the whisky was quite young a good intense barrel influence can be tasted in this version. This 10.6% beer gives a nice amount of liquorice to be tasted in combination with the wood.
Centro North '07. Barrel 10
We have to have some rum barrels in the mix. This time, the rum comes from Venezuela. The distillery is unknown, as the rum is introduced by the location of the facility rather than the name, but there are not many rum makers in the centre north of Venezuela!
Rum from Venezuela is considered some of the best out there, and the mild sweetness combined with spicyness is gently transferred to the stout that was aged in the barrel. 
Milton Duff '09. Barrel 701726
The heaviest stout of this year's release at 12.47%, and it definitely brings a lot of flavour with it. The Milton Duff distillery is based in Speyside, and most of their production finds it's way to blends. However, when a barrel like 701726 is found and taken out, it produces some amazing whisky. Smooth and fruity, the whiksy itself had a lot of bourbon flavours, which showcases the barrel it was in. This helps to add an additional layer to the R.I.B.A.C.S. we aged in it, making this release perhaps the most complex yet.
Craigellachie '14. Barrel 78
A very young whisky finishes the list. This speyside whisky was aged on a hogshead , and the wood flavour is actually less pronounced than any of the other stouts of this year. This combination allows the base beer to come out very well though, which we know as a complex mix of chocolate and cacao. All in all this R.I.B.A.C.S. is one to come back to.

The 2018 version of R.I.B.A.C.S. was produced with Rock City Brewing in Amersfoort.
Due to some un-explainable losses we only filled 408 6-packs of beer, this time with only

4 barrels and two normal Russian Imperial Stouts. 

Edradour 2007. Barrel 327
After the succes we had with Ballechin in the previous year, we wanted to use the non-peaty version Edradour.
This is a really typical highland whisky with an intense aroma which is dominated by fruity estery character.
Edradour is one of the smallest distilleries of Scotland. The cask-strength whisky ended up at 60.9%, which helped the R.I.B.A.C.S. obtain 11.16% alcohol.
Linkwood 1995. Barrel 5961
The oldest whisky barrel to date, coming from a hogshead, the woody notes of this barrel are more pronounced. The whisky is super smooth, so this barrel we had to age slightly longer to become perfect. 
The final abv was 10.82%, the lowest of the series.
Caol Ila 2007. Barrel 310240
A twelve year old whisky from Islay.
Unfortunately we found out this barrel was not filled as a single cask, so we haven't found the original whisky. The peatiness of this stout immediately enters the nose but is not too pronounced (thankfully).
The combination is great, the alcoholpercentage is 11,1%
Caroni 1998 vat 41
Our most prestigious barrel (yet).
Caroni rum comes from Trinidad, and the distillery was closed down in 2002. The warehouse full of barrels was found by an Italian in 2004, and only every now and again a new barrel is released. If you are into rum, you know how amazing this rum is!
Barrel 41 contained a dark-brown rum of 64.1% and was filled at the end of 2018. Only 259 bottles came out of the barrel.
The rum was distilled in januari 1998, and has obviously seen a lot!
The R.I.B.A.C.S. aged on the Caroni barrel has an amazing sweet, thick rum aroma and taste. Molasses, ripe fruit, 10.85% alcohol. A real beauty.


The 2017 batch was brewed in two 500 liter batches at

Brouwerij Scheveningen. The 1000 litres was then divided over

5 barrels, which were released in a 6-pack with the base beer.

Ballechin 2005. Barrel 423
Ballechin is a brand of whisky from the Scottish Highlands. The distillery has operated from 1810 to 1927. Since 2002 the brand is owned by Edradour, who uses it to produce heavily peated whiskies.
Barrel 423 is an old bourbon barrel, in which the whisky was allowed to age for 11 years. The whisky has an alcoholpercentage of 59,6%.
As expected the peat of the barrel is quite pronounced in the R.I.B.A.C.S. Ballechin '05. However, because it is Highlands peat, it is very pleasant without being too powerful.
Because of the barrel the Ballechin reached 12,49%.


Ledaig 2010. Barrel 700390
Ledaig is a Scottish Island whisky, it is distilled on the island of Mull. It is produced by the Tobermory distillery. They also use peated barley malt to produce their whisky, which makes the peat very present. 

Barrel 700390 is also an old bourbon barrel. Ledaig '10 spent 7 years in this barrel and reached a percentage of 61,8%. This barrel also gave a very peated aroma to the R.I.B.A.C.S. 2017, in this case the iodine connotation comes to the top.
R.I.B.A.C.S. 2017 Ledaig '10 has an alcoholpercentage of 12,42%


Stratishla 2007. Barrel 80025

Stratishla is the oldest distillery of Scotland which has always been producing. Their stills are in Keith, in Speyside. This is the region with the largest amount of distilleries of Scotland.

After being in the barrel for 9 years, the whisky got an alcoholpercentage of 46%

Barrel 80025 is a Hogshead, a bigger barrel of 250 litres, which makes the ratio wood to beer (or whisky) smaller, which leads to a less pronounced barrel flavour to the R.I.B.A.C.S. This means the stout character is accentuated. All in all, a great combination of flavours.

The R.I.B.A.C.S. Strathisla '07 has an alcoholpercentage of 12.25%


Fiji Rum 2004. Barrel 14

This is the barrel that is most unknown to us. Might be because it is so old! The rum has been in this ex-bourbon barrel for 14 years! Unfortunately we do not actually know what distillery made this rum, so we miss a lot of information.
What about the beer then?
You should expect a sweet aroma, full of ripe fruit and the well-known warming aroma of alcohol.

The flavour is spicy and powerful, with the stout accents coming round in the back of the mouth. The alcoholpercentage is 12,33%


Monymusk 2007. Barrel 7

Jamaica exports a lot of rum, but not all are as special as our Monymusk '07. This lightly coloured rum originated in the small Monymusk distillery.
Barrel 7 is an old bourbon barrel in which the rum was aged for 9 years, reaching an alcoholpercentage of 46%.

It gives a very pronounced red fruit aroma to the R.I.B.A.C.S.

With 12,59% this is the heaviest of the 5 barrel aged stouts.



This year we aged our R.I.B.A.C.S. on 2015's bourbon barrel, as well as a very special Speyside whisky, Glenburgie '95.
After storing the whisky in this barrel for 21 years it was bottled especially for the Alte Tabakstube in Stuttgart who bought all 340 bottles. The whisky is very smooth, fruity and sweet, which combines very well with the R.I.B.A.C.S. we produced for this barrel.

The R.I.B.A.C.S. 2016 Glenburgie '95 was awarded a 5 star beer award during The Beer Awards.
The bourbon version is slightly less pronounced, which allows the stout character of the beer to come through more. This version was awarded a 3 star award during the same competition.



After the success of our oak aged R.I.B.A.C.S. we re-used the oak barrel as well as purchasing a barrel which had had bourbon in it. The bourbon induced a very silky sweet whiskey flavour to the 10.6% stout.
The bourbon version was a great success, and won us two prizes:

A gold medal during the Concours de Lyon and the prize for the "Best winterbeer of The Netherlands" during the winterbeerfestival organised by Pint in Gouda.



The first year we produced a barrel aged beer. For this beer we used an oak barrel, not really knowing what the flavour of the beer would be at the end, but it was a great start to a tradition. Because our brewing installation was only capable of producing 50 litres of "normal alcohol level" beer, we had to brew 4 times to fill the barrel.
The barrel added nice flavours to the beer, obviously oak, but also vanilla and port-like flavours. We assume there was some residual yeast in the barrel which helped crank this batch up to 12%abv

R.I.B.A.C.S. 2017.jpg
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