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Collaborations are a great way for brewers to get together, share their knowledge and experiment with new beer styles.
This allows us to generate creative ideas to brew unique one-off beers; so get them whilst you can!
We've collaborated with brewers across the Netherlands and even internationally.

Imperial Weizen

In 2015 the Beer Geeks Facebook group lost a prominent member to the muscle disease ALS. As a result it was decided in 2018 to brew a beer with as many Dutch breweries as possible. All revenue was for Stichting ALS (the Dutch ALS foundation).

Since 2018 this club of beer fanatics have organised the Beer Geeks Beat ALS event, with a new beer every year. So far this has generated over €300,000 for Stichting ALS.

This Imperial Weizen is the beer for 2024! Unfortunately still needed due to the lack of any medicine or remedy for this deadly muscle disease. The Beer Geeks will not stop until the world is rid of ALS.


Italian Pilsner

These beers are dry-hopped lagers, expect a harmony between malty flavours and fruity hop aroma that puts a smile on your face.

Sorriso Amaro.jpeg
Barley Wine
Our first international collab, Berrily Wine is a Barley Wine brewed with unmalted barley and candy sugar for that sweet note, and hopped with HBC 630, a new hop known for berry aromas. It was fermented with English ale yeast to increase the fruity aroma.
blik 440ml mock up Crooked Spider_Collab_01_Berrily_Wine_03.jpg

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Sour Ale

Our second collaboration brew with Budapest-based FIRST craft beer.
A (heavily) fruited sour brewed with 250kg apple and 140kg mix of black and blueberry.
We aim to recreate an apple crumble pie.


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Freshhop Pale Ale

The story behind this collab is grand, some might say mythical. In the end though, at the core of the story is the hop that is grown each year in the Bieslandse Polder and added fresh to the brew in order to make a unique beer.

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Milkshake IPA

Three breweries from South Holland have joined forces and brewed this tasty Milkshake IPA together. Be surprised & discover the power of marshmallows in a beer.

We used 100 bags of marshmallows and threw them in the cauldron! A lust for the eye.
We also bought some great aroma hops, added a little lactose and voilá, we brewed a vanilla/coconut/fruit milkshake!


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